Video game music on piano

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Music is one of the most important things in my life. I honestly would not be able to live without it.

These songs were actually recorded in my own house (which, because of all the usual background noise, I thought was an impossible task), but the recordings ended up being better than what I had in mind. The recordings aren't the most professional, but it's a little something to hear in the mean time.

All the music I play are songs for video games (and some anime). As many of you video game musicians out there may have already found out, video game music generally doesn't get a lot of respect in the music industry, and so, instead of playing for music competitions (where all the other pianists play is Bach or Beethoven), I prefer playing my music for people who have the same passion and enjoy the same kind of music I do. It's always a treat when I get to play for those encouraging people.

And again, no redistribution or claiming this music as your own. You may download this music for your own personal use only.

Also, for my fellow homies who are still using mp3s, winamp, and mp3 players, I've got you covered. :D Mp3 links now included!

Game osts:

Video game music

Chrono Trigger - Chrono and Marle ~Far Off Promise~ by Yasunori Mitsuda 🢂 Top

I apologize that it's a little short and very simple; I could have at least repeated it again, but oh well. It's still a pretty song.<

Chrono Trigger - End of Time by Yasunori Mitsuda 🢂 Top

Another short one, but I love how this recording came out in particular. Had a nice echo to it that I think totally suits this song.

Chrono Trigger - Singing Mountain by Yasunori Mitsuda 🢂 Top

A very simple, very pretty song. It wasn't a challenge to learn, but I think the song is nice in its simplicity.

Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Through the City Corner by Yasunori Shiono 🢂 Top

A simple song from my favorite Final Fantasy game. It makes me reminisce about "back in the day", for any of you Super Nintendo lovers, you may understand what that's like. This is one of my favorite songs out of the many in this amazing soundtrack.

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa's Theme by Nobuo Uematsu 🢂 Top

This is another old song I learned years ago. I don't play it as often as I used to, but I play the chorus every once and a while. Way back when, this was a song I played a lot for friends and relatives, who wanted to hear me play.

Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes on Me by Nobuo Uematsu 🢂 Top

Wow. This is an arrangement by Shiro Hamaguchi and was in the Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections album. Because I'm the musician that needs to practice a song a lot and work hard at it, it took months to perfect this one. I think it was well worth it.

Final Fantasy X - To Zanarkand by Nobuo Uematsu 🢂 Top

Nobuo Uematsu is amazing. I am amazed at even though he's created hundreds of songs, some with equal quality of beauty. Zanarkand is a piano solo that I instantly fell in love when I first heard it. I heard it before, but my spark to play this song was when I heard it at the first video game concert I ever went to. To make a very long story short, they played this song in a full orchestra and when I got home, I was like, "I have to get that sheet music!" And so, I found it, learned it, played it, and arranged it to my liking. I love to play this one.

Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved by Yoko Shimomura 🢂 Top

Here's another extremely short piece almost not even worth posting up here. Like the one above, this is short, simple, yet pretty in it's own way.

The Legend of Zelda - Kakariko Village (with flute) by Koji Kondo 🢂 Top

Flute accompaniment done by Shugulup, who is mega-talented. Piano, again, done by me. It's about time I recorded some Kakariko. I've been playing this song for a very long time, but I always felt that - if I ever recorded - this song would be better with an accompaniment of some kind. Although piano by itself can still sound subdued and pretty.

Lost Odyssey - Parting Forever (with flute) by Nobuo Uematsu 🢂 Top

Beautiful flute accompaniment done by Shugulup, piano done by me. Kind of a dramatic tune, but a nice one.

Lufia II - Estpolis Opening Motif by Yasunori Shiono 🢂 Top

A memorable piece to anyone who has played Lufia II. I HIGHLY recommend this game for any of you RPG players out there. Wonderful story, wonderful characters, wonderful puzzles, and did I mention, a wonderful soundtrack. This is an older song; one of my first video game songs I learned to play.

Lufia II - Theme of Village by Yasunori Shiono 🢂 Top

Lufia II is my favorite video game ever created. I'm more of a classic video game player (almost all my favorites are for Super Nintendo). Because I love the game so much, I looked up sheet music online and chose to play this one. Very pretty. This composer really makes some awesome songs. This is one of my older songs that I played years ago when I began playing video game music on the piano.

Mother - Eight Melodies (with flute) by Keiichi Suzuki, Hirokazu Tanaka 🢂 Top

Flute accompaniment by Shugulup, piano by me (although maybe it goes without saying at this point haha). Again, this one was a lot more fun with another musician to play with.

Tales of Symphonia - A Wood Carving Star by Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura 🢂 Top

Because the soundtrack had both Motoi Sakuraba and Shinji Tamura's names, I wasn't sure which one to credit for this one, so I put both. This is another fun one to play.

Xenogears - Ship of Regret and Sleep by Yasunori Mitsuda 🢂 Top

This is a fun song to play. It's simple, fun to mess around with, and sounds really neat. I like to play this one when I test out pianos or keyboards at music stores. Ha ha!

Anime music

.hack/Sign - Before Dawn by Yuki Kajiura 🢂 Top

I LOVE Yuki Kajiura's works. She is one of my top 5 favorite composers. Her beautiful style never ceases to amaze me.

Fullmetal Alchemist - Brother by Michiru Oshima 🢂 Top

& (with viola)

To be honest, I've never seen Fullmetal Alchemist, but I loved a few tracks of its soundtrack. The way they use the strings and the touch of piano is just really pretty. The second version of this song of me playing piano and my violin teacher playing viola as a duet. If you're wondering why there is a crowd cheering in the end, it's because we played this at a local recital. Ha ha!

Saiyuki - Hakkai's Theme by Motoi Sakuraba 🢂 Top

I heard this song somewhere (can't remember where) and thought it would be fun to play.

Trigun - Gunpowder by Tsuneo Imahori 🢂 Top

Meeeega short, but I had to post this.

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