Which Diviner of Runawynd boy best resembles you?

This quiz will not only help you get to know these lovely men, but you may also discover a little something new about yourself, as well. =D

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Let's begin.

Heya! Great to see such a lovely face here in Runawynd! Oh, nice drink you have there! What is it? I'll bet Sylas must've served you some before coming in. That's awful nice of him! And hey, if you need anything else in the tea department, you name it, we probably got it. (As in, Keiran's probably got it.)
I'm not exactly sure what they call it, actually... But it's good.
My favorite blend of tea.
Oh, this? It's water.
Coffee. Can't go wrong.

Well, before I get to asking the questions from this list here, let me just say that your results will not be shared with any other Diviner or any other human, unless you'd like for them to find out. I mean, you ARE doing a quiz on... Uh, what's the title again... "Which of us you'll be best suited to"?!

Wait a sec, that's just ridiculous! Th-that's - oh wait, just pencil marks - here, let me re-read that... "Which of us you're most similar to".

All right. Now that we have that established, let's get started, shall we?

First question: Which of the following sounds most enticing to you? Ugh, I hope I didn't sound too weird when I used that word... It's not usually used in my vocabulary, FYI. But hey, I didn't make up the questions to this quiz either, so there.

Hah, I know which one I'd pick. But this quiz is not for me, and I definitely know which character I'd be anyway, because, heh, I'm in it. (I'm so glad this isn't one of those relationship compatibility quizzes. I'd hate to see my results for that... Especially considering Keiran's in charge of the questions here... *shudder*)

Overall, how do you view the human race?
Full of potential
Fun to watch from afar
Need more love and less hate
Boring and self-centered

Hmm, okay. What about this one? Any ideas as to what you were in your past life?
A prince/princess, artist, or astronomer
A doctor, homemaker, or chef
A painter, entertainer/musician, or map-maker
A knight, mentor, or photographer

If the cuckoo doesn't sing...
I'll help it.
I'll coax it.
I'll wait and see if it does.
I'll ignore it and move on.

Is there a time of day that you feel most active/productive?

Let's see here... Offer the guest something more to drink... er, I won't offer you a chocolate chip cookie, because, unfortunately, we don't have one... Offer them a massage, and blah blah blah-

*sigh* Okay, I don't know why he put all that in there, but I'm just going to skip ahead to the questions. You don't mind, do you? My sanity's at stake here...!

Looks like you've been blessed with one, free day. What does your to-do checklist look like? (Oh man, I could totally go for a nice vacation...)
Drink tea, take a soothing bath or shower, then mess with Garrick. *cough COUGH* (Let me just cross that off, sorry about that.)
Start by eating a healthy breakfast, then indulge in the quiet by doing something creative and fun like writing a story.
Probably traveling. Walking around, hanging out with friends, shopping...
Enjoy the alone-time by working on a project, doing something productive...

Wow, this next one's kinda deep. I'm so sorry to ask you something so personal, but I'm just doing my job here, you understand...! When life presents you with problems - be it big or small - which route do you take most often?
Confide in someone who's advice you truly respect
Do my best to let it roll off my back - the issue won't matter five years from now, so why worry
Bury myself in entertainment and have someone else help me through it
Solve it myself, quietly - though it might fester and take longer to heal

Of these four things, what is your love language? (Wait, and how would Keiran know what my love language is?!? How would he know what any of our love languages are?!)
Receiving/Giving gifts
Words of affirmation
Acts of service
Quality time

Do you have any sleeping habits? Sleeping habits... Hmm... (Wait, how would he know my sleeping habits?! That's it, I'm putting a security camera in my friggin' bedroom now!!)
I might talk in my sleep.
I get itchy/cold sometimes.
I snore a little.
I move around trying to get cozy.

If you had to choose a means of death, which way would you rather go? Hah, like we really get a choice... Really creative question, Keiran! Yeah, you're so thoughtful and great...
Death by klutz accident... I guess
Death by laughter
Death by massage
Death by falling asleep in bathtub (Seriously?)

When you get scared, what is your main reaction? Oh yeah, I can totally picture Keiran going around, scaring us for a day on behalf of "research", so he can take notes and get ideas for this quiz. You and your bright ideas, Keiran.
Probably jump, but only two inches
Yell and start talking to calm nerves
Laugh - nervously or non
Remain cool and just smile to make that person think twice

If you were to write and publish a smut story, would you or would you not use your real name? What kind of question is that?! Seriously, I'm not sure what he's trying to ask here. There's a "yes" box and a "no" box, so pick either one, but I'm not sure how that would effect your results of this quiz, so...

Err, it's asking me what I think of your smile, but I'll just ask you that, because honestly, that totally defeats the purpose of doing a self-assessment in the first place. So, how do you smile?

Great, here's another one he wants me to answer. And because I think that is just utter nonsense, I'll hand it over to you instead. If the world had a horrid drought and the only way to call the rain would be to entertain Keiran, what would your plan of counterattack be?
Use sheer force from the get-go
Use a naivette approach, but then attack swiftly
Use my cunning to turn the situation around
Use everything I've got to cut to the chase... in bed (?!)

If someone were to tell you something, do you automatically believe them? So it's like a question that scores how naive you are or something... Hey, that's not nice!
Listen, but take things with a grain of salt
Depends on what they're talking about - they might know their stuff
I'd probably look it up and find things out for myself
Pretend to be listening, but only take the bits and pieces you find pertinent

If you are ordered by your superior to do something when you know better, what's a typical response you might have?
Do it my way, but in secret maybe
Question them to avoid any potential problems
If I like my superior, I'd just do what I'm told - no questions asked
Me taking orders? Puh-leeease! Only from Garrick... in bed. (Stop adding that to the end of your sentences! It gets old REAL fast!!)

Okaaay, next question. You know, if all the questions are gonna keep getting weirder, maybe I should just stop the quiz here. I don't think I can read another one of these...

Oh, nevermind, this next one doesn't look too bad. What's your favorite season? (Ah, the simplicity.)

Aw, cripes, I spoke too soon. If you were in the position of a nameless Diviner (wow, marked nameless, huh?), what would you do to win another nameless Diviner of Fate's heart? Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. I'm answering this one, and I'll do it like this,

"Not going to happen, Keiran, you dirt bag." Ug, and I'm not even going to BOTHER telling you the stupid options he gave you to choose from.

All right, moving on, moving on... Man, this is one long quiz. Somebody's gotta fix the number of questions here. And the content of the questions, 'cuz this is ridiculous.

But as long as you're having fun, that's really all that matters. ...At least, I hope you're having fun.

I-I'm so sorry to ask this, but would you mind answering this lame question? Which of the following personality traits would be a plus in your man?
Hot-blooded and ambitious
Sweet and thoughtful
Cute and curious
Talented and humble
Quiet and logical
Stoic and mysterious
Sexy and cocky
Stylish and funny

*Takes breath*

Would do anything to please me
Puts up with my strange hobbies
Handy around the house
Has money for me to spend

(A part of me would love to know what characteristics go with us... But then again, not really. I wonder how accurate Keiran made this quiz out to be...? And do chicks really go for the stuff on this list?)

Well, that just about wraps it up. Just one more to go, and you'll have your final result. Pretty exciting stuff, right? Hate to see you go, though, honestly. I'll miss you. All rightey, what do we got now...

If you thought my series could have any choice ending, who... would be... with who...?

Okay, that's it!! I'm done reading these stupid questions! I'm done!! You can check the box yourself, I'm leaving YOU to do the rest! I swear, next time I see that Keiran, I'm gonna-
Garrick x Torrin
Keiran x Sylas
Garrick x Sylas
Keiran x Garrick {All my love, darling! <3}

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