Character Bios


garrick Name: Garrick
Title: Diviner of Fate
Celebrated day of birth: August 24, Virgo
Love language: Words
Blood type: O
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Loves: Visiting earth, travel, and checking out the scenery

Though a little naive or fussy from the get-go, Garrick is most well-known for his caring and accepting nature towards the human race. Even though such a genuine trust has proven to be problematic, he still loves the earth, and secretly, he is intrigued by the world that Keiran created and finds nature absolutely beautiful.

As the Diviner of Fate, it is Garrick's job to take a look at the profiles that Sylas (karma) puts together, and foresee/make sure that their fates go accordingly and remain at their proper balance.

To most of the people he meets, he enters a relationship with an open-mind and an open-heart; always naturally kind and empathetic. But when the topic of "Keiran" gets brought up, that cheerful disposition typically gives way to an annoyed temperament. Though he gets along well with most of the Diviners (yes, even Keiran has his moments), Garrick is furiously attached to Torrin and would do anything to protect him. All in all, he'd like to believe he's quite content with things - save for the advances that Keiran frequents him.

Fun facts

  • In his past life, Garrick was Torrin's right-hand knight, and they both lived in the same castle
  • Loves the earth, and secretly, he is intrigued by the world that Keiran created and finds nature absolutely beautiful
  • Is currently being taught by Sylyas how to spell-cast


keiran Name: Keiran
Title: Supreme God (and nothing less~ <3)
Celebrated day of birth: October 27, Scorpio
Love language: Service
Blood Type: B
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Loves: Teas, bathtime, and teasing Garrick

Though I wrote his title to be, "Supreme God", he doesn't really look it. Or act it, for that matter. He created the earth, but rather than govern over the people, he'd rather just watch them from above. If things get out-of-hand, or if there is a troublesome human that may need assistance, rather than taking care of things himself with his own powers, he chooses to send another one of the Diviners (AKA Garrick) to earth to take care of the problem.

By his coworkers, he is known to be a rather energetic, yet carefree man; unmistakable for his ruffle-based, stylish closet and red hair. Keiran is known to be habitually playful with the other Diviners, and although he appears somewhat mindless, he always has a little time to throw in a bit of his philosophical tidbits.

He can seem easy-going one moment, but he also has a certain strictness that is displayed paternally towards his beloved subordinates. All in all, he's rather content and can frequently be seen sipping tea, looking out his favorite office window.

Fun facts

  • Favorite colors are purple and red
  • Thinks hot baths and tea are the best things since sliced bread


torrin Name: Torrin
Title: Diviner of Dreams
Celebrated day of birth: February 19, Pisces
Love language: Quality time
Blood Type: AB
Eyes: Green
Hair: Light brown
Loves: Daydreaming, taking walks around Runawynd, spending time with his favorite people (aka the other Diviners)

A dangerous mixture of cunning and adorable innocence, Torrin often remains the quiet one until he has something witty to say that can bring discord to any conversation. Once he's got an idea, he goes along with it; even at the occasional discomfort of others. His humor is highly appreciated by Keiran, who (perhaps, along with the rest of the Diviners, argueably) finds him absolutely darling.

With the help of his originality and creative outlook on things, he has a knack for creating dreams with a special purpose for each human that needs a message sent from Runawynd.

All in all, Torrin believes that love is the most important thing and that all humans need a little more of it.

Fun facts

  • Was an honest-to-goodness prince in his past life
  • Has an unexpected(?) sense of humor that could probably even out-do Keiran's
  • Is afraid of the dark and uses multiple nightlights for bedtime
  • Is a dark magician that uses healing magic


sylas Name: Sylas
Title: Diviner of Karma
Celebrated day of birth: December 29, Capricorn
Love language: ?
Blood Type: A
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Loves: ???

Sylas is the image of precision, professionalism, and - by first impression of others - stand-offish, stoic, and/or mysterious. But despite that cold exterior, he shows a fierce loyalty to only a few lucky people that he truly cares for. Most often, he will choose not to speak, but can be very blunt when presented with something he finds inappropriate.

Overall, he has a skeptical, somewhat cynical view of the overall human race, claiming them to be self-centered, uncaring people (even though his heart goes out to kids). He sports a rather logical outlook on life, and rarely shares information about himself. (Trust me; I'm the author, and he even has issues with sharing his secrets with me!)

As the Diviner of Karma, it is Sylas' job to make sure the happy people get happy lives. On the other side of the spectrum, he also has no issue with dishing out punishment to those who choose otherwise.

He had a long-time relationship with Keiran, considering how he was Keiran's first "hire" at Runawynd.

Fun facts

  • Is a veeery good cook, and would make an excellent housewife/homemaker
  • Was taught to play the piano by Keiran
  • Has a past with Keiran that is totally up to your own imagination
  • Is literally cold-blooded (he's cold all the time, but never complains)

The Guy that Works in Purgatory

in-between Name: ?
Title: Diviner of Souls? (work-in-progress, since he won't tell me)

Nothing is known about this man... No seriously, I don't even know anything about him. He won't tell me, and Keiran won't tell me, so we may never know unless one of the Diviners figures it out.

All we know is that he's the guy that works in purgatory (the In-Between), and that Garrick needed to pass through his gates to get from earth to Runawynd in Act VIII. He also is solely responsible for recycling the souls from earth to purgatory and/or passing them to the other side.

It's been written that he has a calm voice, but what he looks like is all up to your imagination.

Two Very Special Mortals


cade Name: Cade
Title: Mercenary, Pilot
Celebrated day of birth: March 11, Pisces
Love language: Quality Time
Blood Type: B
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light blond
Loves: Flying, money, and her partner's backside (oops, did she say that outloud?)

Cade is introduced in Act VIII (along with her partner, Treyston), as a mercenary, traveler, and dreamer. Though she comes from a town of trouble and oppression, she always seems to maintain a positive outlook, dreaming of flying away from the land to escape above the clouds. With her heavy outlandish accent, she'll tell you outright that she's saving her money for an airplane of her own to make her dream happen.

Though one would think her bold personality would earn her a quick road to romance, Cade is quite hesitant about wooing the man of her dreams. Who is said tall, dark, and handsome? None other than her trusting partner, Treyston. After asking Garrick for love advice (a strange situation, indeed), Cade finally decides to come clean to her "mate". But as for the ending of that story, Garrick left earth too quickly to discover the outcome. (Hint: We find out in Act IX!)


treyston Name: Treyston
Title: Mercenary
Celebrated day of birth: September 14, Virgo
Love language: Words
Blood Type: A
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Loves: Nighttime, peace and quiet, and occasionally teasing his partner (oops, did he say that outloud?)

Treyston - "tall, dark, and handsome", as quoted by Garrick - is Cade's beloved partner in mercenarying. He is Cade's perfect opposite; while Cade is talkative, Treyston is quiet. While Cade has perfectly-good eyesight, Treyston adorns a stylish pair of glasses. While Cade stands a little taller than a dresser, Treyston can see one head over her.

He takes his job quite seriously, demeanor showing that of utter professionalism, but Cade has taught him to speak up for himself and live a fuller life. It is unknown whether or not he is aware of Cade's feelings for him, but it was believed (by Cade) that he wanted to keep things "strictly business". However, he does harbor a strange loyalty to his partner, and he himself could not answer why he's spent so much time with her.

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