Past Layouts

Here are website layouts I've created for this site. The most recent layouts are at the top of the page.

Also! Believe it or not, I even won various awards for some layouts! I want to give a big thank you and a hug to each of the people who gave these to me. I am so honored! Thank you so, so much! The awards are beautiful, and they really made my day!

18. Diviners of Runawynd
January 2014 - ?

This layout highlighted my original story, Diviners of Runawynd. It featured artwork made for me by various artists that I commissioned, such as the lovely Buboplague (who did the beautiful banner character art of my OCs), kirliavstomo (who did the front-page blinkies), miraongchua and ykccha (who did the character bios artwork).

18. Furious
July 2011 - January 2014

Hervey the Furious!! He has always been one of my favorite characters of all time in gaming, and so I wanted to dedicate my next layout showcasing him in all his glory! The beautiful picture I've mained for this one was scanned from a doujinshi I purchased called "Everybody's Ship" by "Okashila.presents 2-Dimension Corps.". The rest of the art used was directly from Suikoden Tactics (AKA the beautiful summery background stretched across there, and the Hervey avatar I used on my main page).

17. Cold Shower
April 2010 - July 2011

I am just in love with Sword of Etheria's whole aesthetic. I made this layout intending for 1) something dark 2) something cool-(cold)-feeling, and 3) something starring Fiel and Leon. Especially Fiel, 'cuz he's just a DOLL!

16. Calling Dr. Jin
March 2009 - April 2010

The little cutie in this layout is a character from a Natsume video game called Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility. His name is Jin. He's so adorable! I've always loved Natsume's games. They are also the people who brought us Lufia II, my favorite video game of all time. I really love this game! Honestly, it's very addicting.

The title of this layout was inspired by a line in Aqua's song called "Doctor Jones." The name came to me pretty quickly, actually. As I was planning this layout, I was listening to a few techno songs, so when Doctor Jones began playing I was like, "That's perfect!" Jin is actually a doctor, so the title worked out very nicely.

This layout was actually a huge milestone for me for basically two reasons. One; I didn't use any brushes, textures, etc from anyone else. Meaning I did everything from scratch in Photoshop, or I scanned in from the game's instruction booklet and official guide, which I purchased. Therefore, I have no credits due for this layout. Yay for originality! Two; I did not use any positioning divs. Long story short, but the divs looked great on 800x600 or 1024x768, but for anything bigger, my layout would be very small in the upper-left corner, leaving a lot of empty, wasted space. I recently learned (embarrassing enough) how to use the slicing tool in Photoshop, and am learning more tables, as well. Honestly, I don't know how to better explain my whole div dilemma, but I think you can catch my drift.

I did, however, use a few fonts from; including Berkley, Brush Script, Excellentia in Excelsis, Adobe Myungjo Std, Jellyka, End_less V..., and Froufrou... But because I'm not 100% sure if I used them or not, I put them up here anyway.

I had sooo much fun putting this layout together! I love the brown colors, I love Jin, I love Photoshop, I just had a blast messing around with everything. Actually, I'm surprised I got the layout up this soon, considering all the time I spent changing things. I ended up with a simple, yet very stylish outcome. Anyways, sorry for rambling so much! I hope you enjoy browsing through this (super cute) layout, as much as I enjoyed making it!

Award title: Found missing pokemon; Round 3
From: Kadou-Animez
When: March 29, 2009

Award title: Lost & Found
From: Solaris Designs
When: April 17, 2009

Award title: DayDream Site Award
From: Solaris Designs
When: April 17, 2009

Award title: Summer
From: Melody of Logic
When: November 26, 2009

Award title: Guess the Character
From: Radiant Reality
When: November 24, 2009

Award title: Participation Award for Button Bonanza
From: Natty of Divine Designs
When: December 16, 2009

16. Cold as Ice
July 2008 - March 2009

There's actually a funny story behind this one. While shopping online at eBay, I saw this awesome art book of this video game called "Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side". I had researched the game a few weeks before, and thought, "you know, the artwork is pretty, I like this game, and that teacher is really cute, so I must have this book!" So, when I was purchasing the art book, I plotted how I would use "Himuro Sensei" in my next layout, and what do you know, here he is! Honest to goodness, I had a majority of this layout planned, and I patiently waited for my book to come in the mail, so I could scan a few good pictures of this guy!

The reason behind the name of this layout is because of Himuro's "cold as ice" personality. But really, he's a wonderful character. It's kind of unfortunate that they only released this game in Japan. So, I actually got the DS game shipped from Japan, because it doesn't have a region protection on it. (Oh, and girls, I highly recommend this video game! It's a very cute, clean dating game!)

The brushes I used were from Celestial Star, Aethereality, Ginger Shoppe, and Hybrid Genesis. The special various fonts used were called Problem Secretary, Adler, Astonished, and White Rabbit.

Award title: Bronze Award
From: AnimeShare
When: October 1, 2008

Award title: Gold Award 2008
From: Natayada
When: December 11, 2008

15. Cafe Kichijijouji Sugiharagami
March 2008 - July 2008

I love the manga of Cafe Kichijouji, and when I bought the art book, I was overjoyed at how beautiful Kyoko Negishi's artwork was. It was hard to pick which picture I wanted in the layout! She is definitely one of my favorite artists. (And you'll probably see more Cafe Kichijouji layouts out of me, too.) Sorry boys, but this layout is mostly just eye candy for the girls. (Totally random tidbit of info, but my favorite character from this series is Taro Kurihara, the one with the glasses!)

At first, this picture was a pain to manipulate to get it how I wanted it, but thank goodness for Photoshop, otherwise this layout would've never been. After I had a few big things taken care of, the brush experimenting was really fun. The layout was originally supposed to be a plain layout, but I had so much fun experimenting with it, it's color scheme was really surprising to me, but I think it looks great. (The heart background was very fun to mess around with! I honestly didn't think I'd be putting that up, but I did anyway. Ha ha!) I wasn't 100% confident with the layout when I put it up, but I finally decided that better now than never.

If you're wondering why the long Japanese name, I put "Cafe Kichijouji" because of the title of the manga the layout is based on, and used the word "sugiharagami" because the picture's style reminded me of paper, and I wanted a paper word in it. Sugiharagami is a kind of traditional Japanese paper usually used in origami. Brushes used throughout the layout were from Anime Share and Celestial Star.

14. Branches
Captured Through My Eyes (deceased)
February 2008 - September 2009

This layout was very experimental, and I love how it turned out in the end. The soft orangish-brown shades were really nice and unexpected. The brushes used were from Aethereality, the photos in the top were all taken by me, and the various effects and things were done by Photoshop Elements 5. I used lots of different hover scripts in this one ("photography by Runa" in banner, the links in the box, the regular text links), mostly because I felt that the layout had no energy to it, so the animated stuff added a bit more personality. I predict this layout will probably be up for a while.

13. Candlelight
August 2007 - March 2008

I love this layout. I think it's very pretty. A lot of time and work was put into this one, and it took many weeks before I actually felt 100% complete with it and put it up. Of course, I took the photo of that candle you see in the banner. Before the photo was designed into a website layout, it was in an avatar I made, containing some of the same colors and brushes used in the layout. The Photoshop brushes were provided by Celestial Star (I had lots of fun with using their sparkles and glitter brushes!), Grey Cobra (which is currently undergoing construction), Ginger Shoppe (which unfortunately is now a dead site), and Hybrid Genesis. The special fonts used were called LainieDaySH, Porcelain, Rage Italic, Smudge LET, and SF Espionage Medium. Needless to say, since I love this layout so much, you can expect it will be up for a while.

12. Ancient Violin
June 2007 - August 2007

The three images on the side of the banner were not taken by me. I scanned them from a book I bought called Essential Elements 2000 for Strings; Violin Book 2 by the Hal Leonard Corporation. Only the main violin photo in the banner was taken by me. The fonts used (besides Century Gothic, Verdana, etc.) are Jefferson, Chopin Script, and Excellenta in Excelsis. The Photoshop brushes were from Aethereality and Blinding Light. This is my second consecutive red layout, I know. The next layout will be a different color, honestly. The hardest (and most irritating) part of this layout was getting the reddish tone in the photo of the banner right. I'm still not 100% content with the shade. Despite all the trivial details that bothered me, I still like this layout.

11. Brother
April 2007 - June 2007

The brushes I used were from Anime Share and Komet Tails Designs. The fonts I used were Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Century Gothic, and the one in the banner is World of Water. I scanned the cute picture of the two chibis from a manga I own called "D.N.Angel" by Yukiru Sugisaki. I liked the reddish color scheme to this one. I also liked to experiment with the square shapes (many thanks to the sites where I got the brushes). This one wasn't very easy to make; actually it was kind of a challenge. Nonetheless, it was very fun to make!

10. Breaktime of Adventurers
March 2007 - April 2007

As you can see, it's a complete switch from my last Zero one. For this adorable layout, I used the fonts Christmas Card, Verdana, and Trebuchet MS. The Photoshop brushes I used were done by Anime Share, Luna Regina, and Hybrid Genesis (I think). The picture of the Claude and Rena chibis in the banner were from the Star Ocean the Second Story Treasure Artbook by manga artist Mayumi Azuma. I bought a few Star Ocean mangas online, and as a bonus the person gave me a free cd-rom containing the translations for the mangas, as well as scannings of the Treasure Artbook, which was extremely nice of that person. =) And so, this being one of my favorite pictures in that book, I chose this one for a layout.

9. Recurring Nightmare
January 2007 - March 2007

The character in the banner is Zero from the MegaMan X video game series; he's under construction. I took this screen shot from MegaMan X5, created by Capcom. This one was fun to experiment with, and I spent many hours on it. I got the brushes from Hybrid Genesis, and the font used (besides the usual trebuchet ms, verdana, times new roman, etc.) was X-files. The random quotes up there in the banner can be all found in MegaMan X5, although there was one quote from X8 in there.

Nothing Like Springtime
Captured Through My Eyes (deceased)
January 2007 - February 2008

This layout was quick, fun, and quite easy. It was the very first layout I made for my photography business website, which is called, "Captured Through My Eyes", for any of you that are unaware of my business' name. The photo of the bunch of pink flowers in the banner was taken by me (of course). The photoshop brushes I used throughout the layout I found on The fonts I used were French Script MT and verdana (I like the verdana font).

8. Nighttime Illumination
October 2006 - January 2007

This was the fastest layout I have ever constructed, although it is a very simple one, too. The photo in the banner I took (of course). The font that says "The Town of Runawynd" is called Papyrus, and the font with the Japanese Katakana is in MS Mincho. In case you're wondering, the Katakana in the banner is translated to Runawynd; literally in Romanji, it's Runauindo. I thought the Japanese somehow fit into the layout. I was very experimental with the different fonts in this layout, to kind of add a little something extra to this simple layout.

7. Above the clouds
May 2006 - October 2006

I took the cloud pictures in this layout from an airplane. That was my first time in an airplane. I thought being above the clouds was amazing. Therefore, the feeling inspired me to make my photographs into a layout. I think the layout is beautiful. I love the combination of sky blue and cloud white colors.

X Line - Peace and Elysium
(my deceased MegaMan website)
January 2006 - November 2nd, 2006

The main picture up there in the banner, the picture of X, the line, the stars, and the blue texture below the line, and everything else, are all part of a wallpaper I custom-made in Photoshop CS. I loved the wallpaper so much, I figured it would make a new website layout. =) And it did. ...I did not take the screen shot of that X picture. I got it from a website called Maverick Virus, which is a dead website. MegaMan X is Capcom's character, not mine.

6. Dark boxes
October 2005 - May 2006

This one was okay. I liked the combinations of the dark gray colors.

5. Purple flowers
April 2005 - The end of October 2005

I thought this one was pretty. I took the picture of those purple flowers you see in that banner, and I love the color purple.

Version 1 - Peace and Elysium
(my deceased MegaMan website)
June 2005 - January 2006

This is my very first layout for another one of my websites "Peace and Elysium". I thought MegaMan should star this one, since he's basically the reason for that website. I thought that picture of X is perfect for my first layout, don'cha think? I knew it was going to have that picture and the light blue-ness. All I had to do from there was experiment. MegaMan X is Capcom's character, not mine.

4. Black N' White Metools
November 2004 - April 2005

I absolutely adore metools. Metools are some of the cutest creatures in the MegaMan video game series. I had this one for the longest time. I got the two metool pictures from a website called, The MegaMan Network, which is a deceased MegaMan website. Metools are Capcom's, not mine.

3. Ashton cream [version 2]
September 2004 - November 2004

When I was making this layout, I decided to stick a character in the banner. The guy in the banner is Ashton Anchors, my favorite character from a video game called Star Ocean 2 by Square Enix. I changed my layout to a brighter, creamish color, instead of the dark colors. Of all the things in this layout, the longest part was probably making the banner. The Ashton pictures were hard to fix up just how I wanted them, and it was hard for me to decide which Ashton picture I liked best. The image chosen is from the Star Ocean the Second Story Treasure Artbook by manga artist Mayumi Azuma.

2. Black, red, and gray
June 2004 - September 2004

This layout turned out better than I had first expected, and I had it up for a little while. The combination of colors was okay for a layout.

1. Starry Night
October 2003 - June 2004

This was my first tables layout. It ended out better than I thought it would when I first gave it a try. I liked the starry night sky look to it.

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