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Hello, darlings♥! I'm Runa Skyewright, your webmisstress! I'm a writing fiend and oldschool gamer who lives in Japan. I ♥ gaming, writing, bl, and tea! I sell yaoi doujinshi on ❤Etsy and ❤eBay, I like to play video game music on the piano, I have a speedrun record for Fatal Frame III, and I am author of the fantasy series Diviners of Runawynd. Make yourself at home!!

Most recent blog posts:

Sustanabile life and organic skincare swap master list UP!!

So many 2's and 0's in today's date... For the sustainability warriors out there! And for organic skincare advocates! Today, at last, I present to you my sustainable daily life swaps and organic skincare swaps master lists!! So in addition to nitty-gritty, detailed blog posts, I figured this would be a good way of getting a ton of information all in one place for you, so you know where to look for your swap needs.

Twitch now up and running!

Greetings, darlings! For those of you who are interested in watching me play Fatal Frame III casually, I just started a Twitch account, where I'll be online nighttime Japan-time when I've got time~ Give me a follow! It'd be really cool to be able to chat with you, so let me know on the Twitch chat if you've come from this website! Have a Happy New Years, all!!

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