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Sustainable Swap: Bar Soaps

Posted on September 24, 2019

In my baby steps of becoming more environmentally conscious and toxin-free with the products I choose to buy, I did away with plastic-contained hand soaps and all the chemicals the products themselves contained. Now, I use a much more clean alternative: handmade soap bars!

If I need to convince you why plastic is horrible, instead of ME telling you, The Problem With Plastic by The Story of Stuff will do the trick.

As for the concern of toxins present in my previously-purchased hand soaps, let's just say there's a reason that Bath and Body Works doesn't list their ingredients on their website. Very similar in reason to Victoria's Secret with their perfume (Who regulates this stuff? Hmmm).

With the plastic-free soap low-down low-downed, I now commence the recommendations for my favorite soap bar online sellers!

handmade bar soap being sustainable and toxic-free

Tried and True Bar Soap Sellers

1. Mion Artisan Soap

Mion has a huge selection of gorgeous-looking soaps for sale that not only do a great job of keeping my hands feeling clean and pampered, but they are also beautiful to display in my bathroom or shower! And I love how all of their products are handmade with love.

I'm a repeat customer of Mion mainly because of their super clean deodorant, luxurious face wash, and rose clay mask for an extra pamper. If not their soaps, they definitely have something for everyone, so needless to say, a lot of their products have made it to my sustainable & organic swaps master lists!

They also ship internationally to Japan, though last time I checked, it was about $50, so if you plan on buying with Mion, make that shipping cost count and buy bulk!

2. Fresh As a Daisy Soaps

I've been a repeat customer of Daisy's for years now, and what keeps me coming back is the quality of the soap bars. The bars are all made by hand with the most natural ingredients, which made it impossible for me to go back to the chemical-infused garbage that Bath & Body Works puts out.

Daisy also sells shampoo bars, if you're interested in going plastic-free with that new hair regiment you've been dying to try.

Note: Unfortunately, Daisy doesn't ship to Japan ;_;

3. Le Box Boutique

If you're looking for wedding favors for your guests, look no further! Their Wedding Soap Favors have got you covered! I would highly recommend their Oat & Honey, specifically, because it feels soooo good on your skin and smells DIVINE! (Joking-but-not-joking, it smells so good I could probably eat it.) Le Box Boutique also ships internationally to Japan, which is great for us soap-lovers abroad.

4. Etsy's search for "handmade bar soap"

Etsy in general is a great place to look and do your own research. Some sellers may have a specific scent that you might prefer. Some sellers sell in bulk, if you're looking for more bang for your buck. Some sellers include packaging that is more environmentally conscious. Some ship internationally, but some don't, so that may be something for you to watch out for.

And because it's Etsy, you're already doing a great job of NOT paying corporations and INSTEAD paying individuals, artists, and – at the end of the day - people. So go you!

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