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18+ Where to Buy Women's and LGBT Adult Toys in Japan

October 3, 2019

My darling members of the LGBT community and women of all ages and fanciful interests! I devote this article to you and all your fun-filled desires! Let me introduce you to two of my favorite adult toy shops in Japan that have LGBT-friendly products and products for women! (Because for whatever reason, they're not that easy to find... hmmm.)

1. Nobunaga Shoten Nipponbashi in Osaka

I will say as a quick, fore-warning disclaimer: Just because it's a "Nobunaga Shoten" doesn't mean they'll have products for women. But this one in Nipponbashi does, and it is my go-to for the Osaka area.

Unlike some of the other shops in the area (coughcoughTengashoponOtaStreetcough), the first thing about Nipponbashi's Nobunaga Shoten is how comfortable I felt going into the store alone. A tell-tale, good sign. I did not feel awkward in this store, because of its female-friendly atmosphere, and it overall felt safe for me, even going in alone.

You're even allowed to take pictures inside, as long as you don't bother anybody~

What I love about Nobunaga Shoten Nipponbashi is that they have a very large 😏 selection of sex toys for not only women, but have lots of goodies for members of the LGBT community, too! Aaaand if you're worried about them not having, say, cute costumes (spoiler alert: the whole 6th floor) in your size, they have sizes from S to XL, which I totally appreciate and commend their inclusivity!

Need a place to throw away your old, broken sex toys, but don't want to throw them in your clear garbage bag with the rest of your trash? They have a disposal box, too, that you can drop them off in. No hassle and completely discrete.

Also, tip for tourists, this place is tax-free.

2. M's Pop Life in Akihabara, Tokyo

Imagine Akihabara, Tokyo. You've got tourists looking for maid cafes, otakus breathing in the hub air of Japanese pop culture, and weebs a-plenty shopping store-to-store to get the latest statuettes of their favorite waifus.

In middle of all this raw, young society that is Japanese nerd life, in the heart of Akihabara, right outside their insane-busy train station, a 7-floor department store lies in wait. On the outside, nothing special. But on the inside… Well, let's just say it was a struggle to suppress the giggles of the early-twenties-Runa.

As far as women's products go, from the 3rd floor up, they have a lot of fun things. I'll let the link above do all the showing, and I'll just stick with the talking. ;)

If you're nowhere near M's Pop Life Akihabara or Nobunaga Shoten Nipponbashi, but are still interested in finding some goodies for you, your partner, and/or you and your partner at your local adult toy shop, you can always walk inside and ask if they have any products for women (if you're not too self-conscious).

女性向け josei muke = for women

josei muke no guddsu wo uttemasuka?
"Do you sell any goods for women?

josei muke no guddsu ga arimasuka?
"Do you have any goods for women?"

Also, if you're worried about being discrete post-purchase with your fine, new endeavor, never fear! When purchasing your adult item in Japan, they usually wrap any sensitives up in a black bag or brown paper bag that's not see-through-able. So feel free to walk back out on the streets, bag in hand!

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