Which Cafe Kichijouji De guy is for you? (For girls only!)

Here's another role play personality quiz. Honestly, I like taking these kinds of quizzes. I think they're more creative (most of the time, anyway) compared to, "So, what's your favorite color?" (Yeah, I'm sure you other quiz-takers have heard THAT one before...)

I meant for this one to be more silly than the Descendants of Darkness one. I thought it would be a nice variety, and I honestly thought writing a comical Cafe Kichijouji would be easier for me than a dramatic Cafe Kichijouji. (I'm sure whoever has read Cafe Kichijouji De will agree with me.) Plus, I feel that my comedy writing skills kind of lack, so I decided to give them an exercise.

Again, this was made BY a fan girl, FOR fan girls of the wonderful guys in the results. I hope you enjoy this one! I know I enjoyed making it! Actually, I had lots of help from a friend with some of the results' answers, so if you don't understand a few of them (marshmallow float?), then it's probably because it's an inside joke (that, or you would have to read the manga to understand a few things, too). (Random tidbit, but can you guess who my favorite Cafe Kichijouji boy is? It's Taro Kurihara! He's sooo cute!)

You are set up on a blind date. You are to meet at the nearby amusement park, where there is supposedly a special event going to take place. As you patiently await his arrival, you are very excited to get to the park, and you are also curious to see who your mysterious date will be. Is there a thought that first comes to mind, as you stand there waiting at the entrance?

Geez, he's very late.
I wonder if he's cute!
Hopefully this won't be an expensive date...
Maybe he forgot...
My, what a lovely day!

You check your watch, which reads "6:18PM". Wow, he's pretty late. As you look up from your wristwatch, you see a young man approach you. It's your date! How does he greet you?

Hello. I'm sorry I'm late.
I'm soooo so sorry that I'm late!
I apologize that I'm a few minutes late.
I hope you didn't mind me being a little late...
Hey, there! How's it going?

To your delight, he's a cutie! (Yay! Lady luck must be on your side today!) So, what is your adorable date wearing?

Casual, yet dressy. He appears to be quite the gentleman, just by looking at his posture. (There's not a wrinkle on his clothes!)
A traditional Japanese yukata. He looks amazing! He looks very traditional, very calm, and very mysterious.
He's wearing an outfit similar looking to a tuxedo!
Jeans and t-shirt. And judging by the way he's standing, this guy seems very laid-back, but that's fine with me. He looks very carefree.
...Is that a mustard stain on his shirt?

Very pleased with your date (very, VERY pleased with your date), you ask him where he'd like to go first. Your first stop on this lovely day?

The merry go round. I'm not really one for rollercoasters.
I think the bumper cars look fun! Let's give it a shot!
The cotton-candy stand over there! That looks yummy!
The haunted house! I wanna get scared!
The bathroom. Uh, before anything, I kinda hafta go.

During this entire date, you enjoy talking with this man and learning more about him. (After all, he's nice, cute, etc...) And it seems as though he's interested in you, as well, and you both enjoy each other's company. What is it about him that interests you so much? (Try to limit it to only a few things. Ha ha!)

His eyes are just shining with innocence and energy! His boyishness is so cute!
He may appear distant or cold, but I think I'm beginning to see his gentleman side...
He has this mysterious aura that I guess I'm drawn to. But I guess I'm weird.
He's so fun! He definitely knows what makes me happy, and he has great taste!
Even though he may appear like a child, he is very mature and sweet.

After your first stop, you both decide to get something to snack on. This is an amusement park, and so your menu is quite long. What are you in the mood for?

Something you can only get at an amusement park. Like vanilla ice cream between two waffles. What do they call that?
Funnel cake with whipped cream.
Popcorn, doughtnuts, cotton candy...
Ice water for two.
Lemonade. It's a scorcher out here.

Everything's going very well. It seems you two are really getting along well together, and you're both having a lot of fun! What's your favorite thing to do at a fair?

Seeing mind-reader/hypnotist show!
Watching the animals perform!
Taking silly pictures at the photo booth!
The goldfish scooping was soooo fun! And the rides, too!
The shopping!

Time has just flown by (as you were most likely doing your choice of activity in the question above), and it is now time for dinner! What are your plans?

Hey, I know a great fast food place just around the corner!
We go out somewhere. A nice restaurant.
Let's go to some place where they have pain au chocolat.
We eat here! It's so fun here, and probably much cheaper, too.
Let's go somewhere and have a picnic!

Your guy insists on taking you out somewhere, to which you joyfully agree. He takes you to a very nice restaurant. You've already ordered your choice of dinner, but what does he order?

Chicken, please. Oh, and a side of mustard.
Chicken caesar salad, for me, please.
That steak looks REALLY good...
I'll have a marshmallow float!
I'd like a crème glacée, please.

The food has arrived! Wow, it looks very tasty! While you're enjoying your lovely meal, you can't help but watch him. What is he doing while he's eating?

He's kind of sloppy while he eats, but he ends up looking cool anyway.
He keeps a napkin nearby, and uses it after every few bites.
He's scarfing it down and gets some on his face! (Do I dare clean it off for him?)
He takes tiny bites and eats slowly.
He keeps looking up at you and keeps grinning. Is that cute or just creepy?

After your dinner, he offers to take you to one more place before you two depart. (Does it have something to do with the "special event" going on tonight at the amusement park?) Where would your choice of location be?

That playground over there looks really fun! Let's play on the swings!
The beach! Or the movie theater!
The cute little flower shop over there! I hope it's not closed. It's not that late, but...
Back to my house. It's past my bed time, and I want to go to sleep.
He insists I visit his pet cat at home. (He seems awfully worried about it.)

To your bliss, he takes you to a fireworks display! And it's such a beautiful night! This is going to be awesome! (Your date just happens to have a spare blanket in his pocket, and so you don't sit on the grass, but his cozy blanket.) You both enjoy the scenery and watch for a few moments. ... So, after the few wonderful moments, what does your friend do next?

He's almost asleep, and his head flops over on your shoulder. Aww!
He lazily wraps his arm around your shoulders. He's kind of like a big brother sometimes! What a guy!
He leans over and whispers something in your ear. Although, the noise of the fireworks drowned out his voice. When you question him about it, he looks away with a slight blush on his face.
A slight breeze of the night sweeps past you, causing you to shiver. Your date notices, and he just happens to have another spare blanket in his pocket. Gently, he wraps it around your shoulders.
He glances at his watch and pulls out this unknown candy and offers you some, though you politely decline. He shrugs and pops one in his mouth.

It's about time you two part ways and your date ends, and he offers to walk you home. (After all, you only live a few blocks away.) You both seem like you don't want the wonderful day to end, but you accept his offer. While you walk towards your home, you both talk a little more. He then says something that gives you a bit of hope. What does he say?

You know, this was actually very lovely. Hopefully we can do this again sometime.
Well, this has been very interesting... It was nice spending time with you.
Thanks for going out with me. I had a good time.
Hey, you know what? I think this date was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.
We should get together again sometime! This was fun!

But before you both part your ways, he gives you his phone number, e-mail adress, and something else. What's that something else?

A pocket-sized cleanser?
A smelly sweater?
A broken plate?
A huge, natural rock?
A bowl of cake batter?