Which MegaMan X character are you most like?

This was made a very long time ago. (Forgive the corny questions!)

Are you cautious or a daredevil?

Careful, yet daring.

What's your first impression on others?

Just a kid.

Do you have a flaw?

...I guess I'm flawed in many ways... But they're none of your business.
Well, I'm naive, gullible, and sometimes people tell me that I'm too much of a softy.
People tell me how much I keep pestering them. I guess that's my flaw.
Flaw, huh? ......I can't think of anything.
It's probably the fact that I just can't beat the enemies no matter how hard I try.

How would you/your friends best describe you in a few words?

Friendly and completely trustworthy.
Calm, cool, and relaxed.
A happy, fun, energetic kid!
Pure evil.

On your way to the grocery story, a young boy runs up to you and asks for an autograph.

Fans?! I have FANS?! Whoa! Cool!
Smile pleasantly and give him an autograph. Maybe start a friendly conversation.
"Who should I make this out to?"
...I have fans?
Tsh. I don't have any fans. Don't be stupid.

You are making French toast when you accidentally drop a slice of bread on the floor. The horror! Now, before the world ends due to your slice of bread lying on your tiled kitchen floor, what are you going to do?

I pick it up, of course!
...What kind of question is this?
Oh no! Yeesh, sometimes I'm such a klutz.
Just leave it there.
Ah... heh heh. Pretend nobody saw that.

Taking a stroll through town, you see two humans picking on a young Reploid. What do you do?

At once, right the wrong. When I see injustice, I do something about it.
Smile to yourself and keep on walking.
No one paid me to help people, so I'll step this one out.

What would your position in a video game be?

The heroic guy/girl, who is the main character's best friend and plays a huge role in the game.
The guy/girl with awesome super powers.
The villain, who wants nothing but to destroy the hero. Oh, and maybe world domination. That sounds fun.
The main character, who is heroic, just, kind, and wants world peace.
The mercenary, who would do anything for money.

You see some bully picking on your friend. What's your move?

Without a single thought, you shove the bully off.
Side with your friend right away and either walk away or tell the bully to stop. I mean, fighting's no way to solve anything.
...I would be on my buddy's side, but I'm not sure what I would do.
Forget it. He/She wasn't too much of a friend anyway.
Side with your buddy, but try not to get either of you in a fight.

Which do you prefer; swords/sabers or guns/busters?

Whatever works. But usually, I'd use something else.

The quiz is over! How'd you like it?

...Do I get paid after this or something?
It was a waste of time.
It was pretty cool.
It was fun!
I guess it was okay.