Which Lufia 2 character are you most like?

This is my first quiz I've ever made, created a very long time ago. (Forgive the corny questions!)

You see a horde of monsters... You...

MONSTERS?! Piece of cake!
Heal, THEN get 'em all!
Zap them all.
Get 'em all before any major damage happens.
Hope for the best...
We should be careful. I mean, carelessness is NOT the way to go.
Get ready for a long battle.

You're party is in the Ancient Cave where you meet the Master Jelly! What's your plan?

Whack it with a wrench.
Yoink! Only a jelly?!
Let the others figure it out, but still give your idea on it.
Heal, fill up your mp... and get 'em.
Get in there and kill the darn thing, of course!
Think of a strategy before you jump the gun.
I heard you can get a pretty good item if you...

What are you going to do today?

Kill monsters... maybe have something to eat...
Oh, I dunno...
I'll fight for peace.
I might be working on something...
....Well... Maybe later today I'll go to the beach... or try something new to cook... I'm not very sure, really.
Kill monsters, of course!
Hm... I haven't thought about it just yet... Whatever comes up, I suppose.

What's your general hair style?

Spike it up and die it all blue!
Red and grease it back.
Short... blond... nothing too weird... *coughDekarcough*
In a pony-tail.
Blue and short.

Have you ever beaten the Ancient Cave yet? Or, have you ever been there?

Yes. I finished it quite some time ago.
Well, I let it beat us the first time, for a treasure you know, and I'll head back there again to beat it!
It sounds like quite a challenge... I've never actually been there, but I HAVE heard about it...
Of course I have!
I can't wait to see what's in store for us there!
It's pretty tough! Although, not that hard to get through with a little determination!
I can't figure out how to yet!! ...But I'm going to keep on trying!

You got an X-Potion!

It's only a darn potion?! I thought I was gonna get big game! ...Of course, an x-potion isn't REALLY that bad...
Better than nothing!
Good! More potions!
Well, you lose some..and get some... You have your times.
I'm sure I could use it REAL soon.
Well, It's better than a regular potion.

You find your party entering the Sundletean Cave.

Yay! We're going to get Blaze!
Finish this cave and get one more step closer to the sinistrals.
Time to kill some more monsters!
Oh... Another cave?! *Darn!*
This won't be too hard. Piece of cake!
Better be careful...
Chop down all the bushes because it's fun.

Hey, what's that over there? ...It's a BLUE TREASURE BOX!!

Really?! Where?!
Alright! It's gotta be something good!
Let's just hope it's not a potion or something.
Great! ...Wonder what it is...!
I hope it's something good...
It might be a cheap mimic... Be careful.

The quiz is over! Did you like it?

It was pretty cool... I guess.
I liked it.
It was okay...
I wanna make one too!
Waste of time.
It was great! I love personality quizzes like these!
I give it a 5...or 6... Maybe a 4... no wait...