Fun With Numbers
(Fandom Mix)

Get a piece of paper and write numbers 1 - 10. For each of those numbers, write the name of any character of a particular series (preferably male). Once you've got your list of hotties, let's get started! It's all up to you, dearest reader!

Also, because of the length of this exercise, it's recommended that you randomize your numbers every once and a while. It'll keep you on your toes.

Now a downloadable mobile app - The What Would You Do App! It's still a work in progress, but it's a little something to get the insane, ice-breaker questions going.

What would you do if...

Romance Version

Weird Version

Role-Play Version

OC Interview Version

So, if...

The BL writer

If you wrote BL fanfiction...

You're a fanfiction writer, working on something new. You're pairing choice: 1 and 3.

  1. What's the basic plot?
  2. Did it end up having lots of chapters, or did it turn out a one-shot?
  3. Your new fic becomes a hit online! How do you respond to your fans' happy reviews?

Content with your last experience, you decide to write another. Your new pairing is now 4 and 7.

  1. Do you think these characters would make a good couple? Briefly describe their relationship.
  2. What's the story's rating, title, and brief summary?
  3. Are you expecting more hits on this fanfic than the last one?

You attempt your first threesome, involving 6, 2, and 9. Although, two characters end up being more involved, rather than that third character.

  1. Of these three characters, which pairing becomes your favorite? Briefly describe their relationship.
  2. List their "positions," and why. Who's on "first base", who's "pitching", and who's playing the "outfield"? (Ha ha...)
  3. Which character would most likely be out-of-character?

Well, now you've earned a reputation online, as writing the quality crack pairings. You wanna work on one more fic, before ditching all this fame to work on another fandom. Your pairing is 5 and 8.

  1. Do you think would 5 and 8 work?
  2. Or would jealous 7 jump in and sabotage their relationship?
  3. Have you ever seen this pairing before?

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