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JLPT Resources For Studying Japanese

Posted on April 26, 2018

For the Japanese language learners who hunger for things to study from, I got you covered.

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JLPT study materials by publisher

Quick note: I'd hate to be the person that says this, but remember, when possible, try to get the most updated versions of these materials, since the tests themselves, too, often change. So if you're buying on Amazon or eBay or other second-hand sites, you might want to check the publication date, just in case.

Textbooks and materials

Mobile Apps for studying

For the full deets as to why I recommend these apps, see the 7 recommended apps blog post.

Web browser pop-up dictionary

Rikaichamp - pop-up dictionary for web browser Japanese lookup.

Quick note: If you're familiar with Rikaichan, Rikaichamp is essentially the same addon, but only Rikaichamp is compatible with Firefox Versions 57+.

Rikaichamp is amazing for a number of reasons, and if you're a Japanese language learner, yes; you should install this addon ASAP.

First and foremost, it is a pop-up dictionary. Meaning that if you hover over Japanese characters on a website, it will automatically pull up a small pop-up-like window dictionary for that word. This can also be used for kanji characters or sets of kanji characters.

Easy (and not-so-easy for the advanced learners) Newspapers


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