Ikebukuro is my bae of Tokyo, seriously. Ladies of the interwebs that are interested in being treated like a lady, trying out some delicious tea, or just want to ogle the boys (let's be real), then this is my recommendation for you. And for the men reading who are also interested in everything I've just listed above, READ ON, guys; I got you covered.

One thing that really stood out for me with Swallowtail is its relaxed, very comfortable environment. Bit of back story. When my sisters came to visit me in Japan, I wanted to take them someplace where they could experience luxury and calm (in the busy city of Tokyo) and that would give them the culture shock of a lifetime (an experience that they - even today - can recall in STRONG deets).

Back then, I knew that host clubs are typically more accessible, but I also know that they are sometimes dangerous, expensive, and filled with pushy salesman that make you buy lots of alcohol. Just a heads-up for those staying in Tokyo, red-light district Kabukicho Shinjuku, in particular, is notorious for these sort of host club establishments. Avoid (or visit, if you're about that kinda life) at your own risk.

To avoid the pushy salesmen and sketch neighborhoods (though Ikebukuro does have its share; it's a metropolitan city, after all), I decided to give Swallowtail a shot by myself, and if I was happy with the experience, I'd take my sisters with. Which I'm glad I did. And now, I'm encouraging you adventurous ladies to do the same.

For me (especially back when my Japanese was not at the level it is now), making reservations was a little tricky. When making up this tutorial for y'all, I noticed that their website has changed a bit (even an English Guidance page has been added since then!), but the reservation process hasn't changed. I'm here to walk you step-by-step to get you through those doors and into a comfortable seat, where a butler can then tend to your tea and cakey needs.

Unlike the infamous maid cafes of Akihabara, you can't usually just walk into a butler cafe like Swallowtail without a reservation. Well, you can, if the time schedule has a vacancy. Which you can check near their front door, where they have a schedule of their business hours, open, and reserved slots.

The Reservation Process

1. Check out their HP (https://www.butlers-cafe.jp/) Reservations are only made online, not through phone.

2. Click ご予約 goyouyaku (reserve) on the top-right corner (https://www.butlers-cafe.jp/reserve/)

3. Click on 予約フォームへ進む youyaku FOOMU e susumu (continue to reservation form)

4. Choose your preferred time and date. For this example, I chose 09/04 10:55, 3-4 名様 meisama (customers, people attending)

5. Enter your Email address, Number of people, and Hit the 確認 kakunin (confirm) button

6. Check your inbox for an email from this address "webmaster@butlers-cafe.jp". Luckily, for non-Japanese readers, they've added English instructions to their emails. Do as the instructions indicate and follow the link to get to part 2 of registration.

7. Aaaaand back to Japanese-only stuff. Confirm your email address here.

8. Fill out your information:

  • A. Name (must be typed in Japanese characters, katakana or hiragana is okay)

  • B. Furigana (name again in hiragana)

  • C. What you would like to be called by your butler. Options for women: お嬢様 ojou-sama (lady, younger), 奥様 okusama (lady, older), options for men: 旦那様 danna-sama (sir, older), お坊ちゃま obocchama (young sir)

  • D. When it's time to leave, what kind of send-off phrase do you want your butler to say to you (Options: おまかせ omakase (Leave it to them.) お出掛けのお時間でございます。 odekake no ojikan de gozaimasu (It's time to go out now.) ご出発のお時間でございます。 goshuppatsu no ojikan de gozaimasu (It's time for your departure.) 乗馬のお時間でございます。 jouba no ojikan de gozaimasu (It's time for your horse riding.)

  • E. Phone number. You can use your own number, it doesn't have to be Japanese.

  • F. This section is if you have a members card. If you do (I do, they're free, use like a point card, and make for a cute souvenir), you may enter your card number here, not including the front zeros. If no card, leave this whole section blank.

  • G. Are you ordering an anniversary cake or need a cooler bag for the cake? Choose なし nashi (no) or あり ari (yes)

9. When done, hit 送信 soushin (send).

10. When you get to this screen, check your inbox again to receive your final confirmation email.

Aaaand you done, girl! Just show up on time, be somewhat nicely dressed, and enjoy your time there.

This blog post is really just meant to show you how to reserve a time slot, but I figured I'd also give you a heads-up about what to expect while you're there, since the staff does not speak English there, and they do have a process and a couple house rules:

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