I'm going to get straight to the point, since you may be in Japan and suffering from a cold and want this thing taken care of A-SAP.

NOTE NOTE NOOOTE: These two drugs are made for ADULTS OVER 15 years of age. And if you get any weird side symptoms, PLEASE STOP USE. And if you have ALLERGIES to certain drugs or ingredients, ask the pharmacist before buying. And if you have a FEVER or SYMPTOMS WORSE than your average cold, it's best to see a doctor or get legit pharmaceutical advice from a professional (and not from my blog).

Again, DISCLAIMER: I had a non-serious, fever-less cold, and this is what worked for me.

Part 1: Japanese Cold Medicine Drugs You Can Find at the Pharmacy

Here are the two drugstore meds that worked for me.

1. Kracie's 葛根湯エキス顆粒Aクラシエ Kakkontou ekisu karyuu A kurashi

Drug type: Powder

Price: 1,800円 and comes in a box of ten packets

Usage: Take three times a day with meal. Open the packet contents on your tongue then swallow it down with water. (It doesn't dissolve well in water, so it's best to just put the powder in your mouth first.)

Kakkontou is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine drink that's made of ginger, cinnamon, Chinese peony, licorice, jujube, ephedra, and powder ground from the root of the kudzu plant. It helps with colds, and supposedly stiff shoulders, headaches, and muscle pain.

2. Kusuri no Higuchi's 参茸旺壽 Sanjyououjyu

Drug type: Liquid

Price: 1,000円 and comes with 2 bottles

Usage: Shake first. Drink one whole bottle once a day. Only for adults 15 years or older.

Because Sanjyououjyu is made from more herbs (with ingredients like Korean carrot ginseng, goou, and rokujyuu), it's supposedly also good for other things like physical fatigue, as a nourishment tonic, and gastrointestinal disorder.

Part 2: Other Ways to Cure a Cold in Japan

I'm not a total baby when I get a cold (unlike my poor fiancé with his man colds). But if I've got places to be for the weekend, then I do my absolutely darnest to get 100% as quick as I can.

I blow my nose lots: エリエール 贅沢保湿 erieeru's zeitaku hoshitsu tissues

These tissues are the BOMB. I can literally be blowing my nose all day and not get all red and crusty by the end of the day.

I get my drink on: Pocari Sweat & Aquarius

Between the Pocari Sweat or Aquarius, I drink a ton of water and TEA: Gion Tsujiri

I don my neck warmer.

I put on my mask (to keep warm and keep my nose moist): Instead of getting these at my local drugstore, I cheat and get a pack of 30 masks at my local Daiso 100 en shop.

I choke down the nodoame cough drops: のどすっきり飴 nodosukkiri ame

And of course, I try to get lots of rest! With my cozy Uniqlo or Tutuanna. Although it's hard to keep still most times, and naps don't often come easy.

Happy healing, and hope you get better soon!

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