About the author

Name: Danielle D. (Runa)

Email: runa@dittmer.com

Location: Chicago, IL USA

Degree: AA in Visual Web Design | BA in Liberal Studies | Aim: MA in International Relations

Hobbies: writing, gaming, tea

Favorite video game: Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals

Most-beloved video games: Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, MegaMan X & X5 & X8, Suikoden Tactics, Enchanted Arms, Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2, Sword of Etheria, Resident Evil 4, The Evil Within, Silent Hill 2 & Homecoming & Downpour, Mass Effect, Shenmue, Nancy Drew PC series, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Chrono Cross, Star Ocean Second Story, Life is Strange, Donkey Kong Country, Chaos Legion, Wild ARMs 1 & 3, Skies of Arcadia, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Fatal Frame III...

Random interests: Gaming, music, writing fanfics and original stories, BL, horror, philosophy, tea, photography, computers, Japanese language, learning new things, blogging, visiting cemetaries, audio engineering, flight, driving, rain, hydrangeas, shopping, playing game music on the piano, digital coloring, web programming, commissioning artists to draw my OCs, speedrunning Fatal Frame III

I like to play video game music on the piano: