About me, the webmisstress and author

So, who is this "Runa" I speak of? Runa currently lives in her and her husband's apartment in Osaka, Japan, but she's originally from a small ranch in Illinois, USA. She loves gaming, writing, bl, and tea.

Here on this website, you can catch her writing about Japan; whether it's language, how-to tutorials, food and travel, shopping and tried-and-true products, and even Japanese cultural factoids found in one of her favorite games of all time (a game that, which, she has earned a world record on Speed Demos Archive), Fatal Frame III.

A huge nerd for Japanese culture and language, living organically, and gaming, she's mega-excited to share her findings with you. ❤

Name: Runa Skyewright

Email: runa@dittmer.com

Location: Osaka, Japan (From Chicago, USA)

Degree: AA in Visual Web Design | BA in Liberal Studies | Aim: MA in International Relations

Hobbies: writing, gaming, bl, and tea

Favorite video game: Lufia II Rise of the Sinistrals

Most-beloved video games

Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, MegaMan X & X5 & X8, Suikoden Tactics, Enchanted Arms, Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2, Sword of Etheria, Resident Evil 4, The Evil Within, Silent Hill 2 & 4 The Room & Downpour, Mass Effect III, Shenmue, Nancy Drew PC series, The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Hotline Miami, Chrono Cross, Star Ocean Second Story, Life is Strange, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, Donkey Kong Country, Wild ARMs 1 & 3, Skies of Arcadia, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Tales of Symphonia, Viewtiful Joe, Fatal Frame III, Okami...

Random interests

Gaming, music, writing fanfics and original stories, BL, horror, philosophy, tea, photography, computers, Japanese language, learning new things, blogging, karate, visiting cemetaries, audio engineering, flight, rain, hydrangeas, supporting local artists, playing game music on the piano, digital coloring, web programming, commissioning artists to draw my OCs, speedrunning Fatal Frame III

Bishie Closet (because my beloved OTPs deserve a small shrine on this website, too!)

Active Quest Log

☑ CLEARED Quests | ☑ 全クリしたクエスト

☑ American BA in Arts
     ☑ アメリカの学位 BA in Arts

☑ 2014-15 year-long intern at LEX Shibuya
     ☑ 2014-2015年インターン生 1yr intern

☑ 2017 Japan summer exchange 4H chaperone
     ☑ 2017年日本へ夏交流の4Hシャペロン

☑ sub2:30 Fatal Frame 3 speedrun record
     ☑ 「零刺青の聲」スピードラン世界記録保持者

☑ ESL tutor kickoff
     ☑ 英会話の家庭教師を起業

☐ PENDING Quests | ☑ ロード中クエスト

☐ Pass Japanese Proficiency N1
     ☐ 日本語能力試験N1を倒す

☐ Masters in International Relations
     ☐ 修士を手に入れるクエスト MA/PhD

☐ Localization in Video Game industry
     ☐ ゲームのためのローカライゼーション

JLPT Proficiency

☑ 2016: Passed N3 (the very official JLPT N3 certificate!)
☑ 2019: Passed N2 (the super official JLPT N2 certificate!)
☐ 2020: Attempt N1 (in progress! AKA I wish!)

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