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Welcome to Runawynd!

Hello, darlings♥! I'm Danielle; the webmisstress and writer of the fantasy series Diviners of Runawynd. For those of you who are returning, thanks so much for your continued support! And for those of you who are browsing for their first time, it's a pleasure to meet you! Make yourself at home!!

diviners of runawynd garrick icon I'M BAAAACK!!

10/4/2015 HELLO, EVERYONE!! ^O^/ OMG, you have no idea how happy I am to say that to my beloved interwebs crowd ;___; On a personal note, I was away for one year, interning abroad, and where I lived surprisingly had little to no wifi... Which was kind of a bugger. But now, I'm back and ready to GET MY STORY ON!!! 8D

As far as updates go, why don't you check out the gallery page for some new eye-candy?? ;> Thank you sooooo much, you lovely artists, you~! <3 And now to get some college stuff out off my desk so I can get writing Act X!!

diviners of runawynd torrin icon ACT IX, for your reading pleasure~

01/31/2015 Darlings, dearests, lovelies, and my beloved readers. ;______; I come bearing news of great joy.


You have no idea how happy I am to finally announce that. :> It's been a rough draft for a while, but I just got around to finally putting the final touches on it last night.

My babies have all grown up so fast... (ahem how fluffy and awkward Keiran and Garrick have become, and ahem how Treyston and Cade have really gone through a lot in their tough relationship), but I must say, I'm having quite a bit of fun with it. Anyways, I won't spoil here, but I hope you all enjoy reading! <3 Your patience is much undeserved but much appreciated!☆

diviners of runawynd sylas icon I love piano

11/28/2014 Hiya! Created a new piano page today (update: which I deleted on 1/31 due to more housecleaning, haha so sorry about that...), just cuz I felt it should have a little spot of its own. :> Hoping to record some newer songs (the stuff that's there is suuuper old, but then again, I do end up playing the same old songs over and over again haha), but can't say when I'll get around to it. Anyways, take care, all!

diviners of runawynd keiran icon Act IX is coming along... Really!

10/31/2014 Darlings, I'm soooo sorry! I feel like such a neglectful webmistress, and for that, you have my humblest apologies! In my shameless defense, this past year has been exceptionally busy for me, as I've started work abroad (but I'll be back to my beloved States next year), and I've been adjusting to not having Internet at my beckoning call. I hope you can forgive me. ;__;

But I do promise you many great things! I've actually finished the rough draft of Act IX, and I'm mega-excited to get that finished and up-and-running for you all! This one's a bit of a doozy, but not nearly as long and treacherous as that last chapter was. It's also Cade-Treyston-centric(ish), so if you're curious as to what's gonna happen with those two, then maybe this act will peak your interest. ...And if not, I'm so sorry, because the rest of it just seems so fluffy between Garrick and Keiran now... ;A; Can't say I ever expected that to happen, but my characters pretty much just do what they want, and I'm just their typist-conduit (or something.

But before I start spoiling like no tomorrow, I have actually updated this site a bit. Mostly just house-keeping, but I've went and updated a bit on the about page and added some speedrunning tidbits over there (my Fatal Frame III run is currently undergoing verification, and I'm waaaay excited about that!).

Also, for any da-ers, I still have an on-going DoR raffle for anyone interested in some free art and some da-related prizes, for anyone interested! ;>

Anyways, take care, all, and Happy Halloween! <3