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Hello, darlings♥! I'm Runa Skyewright, your webmisstress! I'm a writing fiend and oldschool gamer who lives in Japan. I ♥ gaming, writing, bl, and tea! I like to play video game music on the piano, have a speedrun record for Fatal Frame III, and am author of the fantasy series Diviners of Runawynd. Make yourself at home!!

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1/4 Update!
Sustanabile life and organic skincare swap master list UP!! ~02/20/2020

So many 2's and 0's in today's date... For the sustainability warriors out there! And for organic skincare advocates! Today, at last, I present to you my sustainable daily life swaps and organic skincare swaps master lists!! So in addition to nitty-gritty, detailed blog posts, I figured this would be a good way of getting a ton of information all in one place for you, so you know where to look for your swap needs.

2/4 Update!
Twitch now up and running! ~12/29/2019

Greetings, darlings! For those of you who are interested in watching me play Fatal Frame III casually, I just started a Twitch account, where I'll be online nighttime Japan-time when I've got time~ Give me a follow! It'd be really cool to be able to chat with you, so let me know on the Twitch chat if you've come from this website! Have a Happy New Years, all!!

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