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Resources For Your Japanese Educational Needs

Quick excerpt!
For the Japanese language learners who hunger for things to study from, I got you covered. Quick note: I'd hate to be the person that says this, but remember, when possible, try to get the most updated versions of these materials, since the tests themselves, too, often change. So if you're buying on Amazon or eBay or other second-hand sites, you might want to check the publication date, just in case. Jリサーチ J risaachi (J Research) - The 完全模試 kanzen moshi (complete mock exam) books are the perfect resource as an all-around test mockup. They have questions covering every portion of the exam (listening, grammar, kanji characters, vocabulary, and reading comprehension), and these are easily the most challenging, yet closest to the test as you can get. HIGHLY recommended if you plan on taking JLPT for the higher levels.. ... ... Read ON! ~ >>